An Overview of the African American Black History Facts


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There is a rich and long Black history of America. African Americans have struggled all their lives to achieve equality. For a long time, there have been racist feelings among Americans.  Thus, they have spent a long time making these feelings disappear. And to become an equal member of the society. So many events recognize the work of this community. Moreover, we’ll learn about famous people in Black history and how they changed the world. So join us as we learn all about the Black history facts.

The Background of Black History

Black History Month is a month-long celebration of the Black community. This includes the achievements, awards, and work of famous Black people. From scientists to leaders, this month is all about noticing their work. It also aims to inform everyone about Black people’s history and works. So this month is more than just celebrating. It includes different themes and mottos. From talking about racism to oppression and helping others, the month of February brings joy and knowledge. This month started as a week-long celebration and later became a monthly thing. So, the Black community and the public celebrate this month.

The Civil Rights Movement

This is another important event in the Black history of America. This wasn’t a single movement but was a lot of events over a long time. It lasted from 1946 to 1968. The main aim was to give African Americans the same civil rights as other white citizens. There was a difference in the way they led this movement. It included many lawsuits, lobbying, and mass protests. The main aim of this was to give equal rights to the Black community. Thus, this work helped the Blacks get their civil rights. The final result of it was victories on many platforms. However, this movement saw a backlash from the white supremacists.

Notable Figures in Black History

Throughout history, there have been many Black people who achieved great things. From political figures to activists. The struggle remained constant and changed the Black history facts.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a famous name when it comes to famous Black people. He was a minister who became one of the leading figures of civil rights activism. King fought for the rights of African Americans, which was the cause of his death. He was assassinated due to his active work for the rights of the Black community. King was born in Georgia when racism was at its peak. Thus, he saw all the prejudices and racism that his community faced. This was what made him lead many protests in the hope of making America better for his people. He was a core figure of the civil rights movement, a person with big dreams and will.

Harriet Tubman

Tubman was a female nationalist who worked during the late 1800s. She was born in Maryland and worked hard for Black rights. Her main work area was the southern states. Here, slavery was the main problem. So, she became famous for her underground railroad project. This was to provide a safe route for freed slaves. It included many housing facilities to help them grow. This helped her save more than 100,000 slaves during her life. So, she continued to struggle for this freedom. Thus eventually succeeding in this cause. Despite being born into slavery, her work towards freedom set the path for the coming generations.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks came into activism at the same time as Luther King. She was also an African-American female activist who worked for her people. She got famous when she refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. This was also the main event that led to the civil rights movement. But her action led to her spending jail time. But it also made her work towards the rights of her people. She led the boycott against using public buses. Which was a major blow to the transport group. Thus setting the path for equality for all American citizens.

Black History Facts

The First Black Astronaut

The first African-American to go to space was Guion Bluford in 1983. He traveled on the Challenger to orbit Earth in its low orbit. He later flew on other missions that made him have a total of 688 hours in space. Before joining NASA, Bluford served the US Air Force as a pilot and flew for 144 missions.

The First Black Woman to Earn a Ph.D. in America

Georgina Rose Simpson was a 41-year-old high school teacher who had one dream. And that was getting a Ph. D. Her dream took her to the University of Chicago, where she earned three awards. Despite the racism that she faced, she earned an AB, an AM, and finally a Ph. D. in 1921. Thus making her the first Black woman to earn a Ph.D. award. Today, the University celebrates her historic achievement. She paved the way for higher studies for Black students. This led to around 45 Black students to earn a doctorate by 1943. Her story shows that you must work hard even when you face difficulties in your work.

The Takeaway

Black history is full of people and events that have shaped history. If you want to read more about Black struggles. We suggest you read the Thomas Jones story. He is an activist whose journey took him to become a leading business tycoon on Wall Street. Read more about Thomas Jones’s life in his famous memoir.


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