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Pyrilutamide (KX-826 or pyriPure) is a new chemical which looks promising for hair loss. It works in a similar way to finasteride and dutasteride but has less systemic side effects. It is currently undergoing Phase II trials by Kintor Pharmaceuticals in the US and China. The raw material used in this product has been confirmed to be >99% pure by a 3rd party testing company.

How to use

Buy RU58841 & pyrilutamide is an anti-androgen. It works by lowering DHT levels in the body. It is used topically on the scalp instead of being taken orally. It does not produce androgenic side effects on the rest of the body like finasteride does.

The RU58841 powder is packaged in a HDPE bottle for easy usage. To use it, simply dissolve 3 grams of RU58841 in any minoxidil product we offer to make a minoxidil & RU58841 solution.

Side effects

Pyrilutamide is a topical anti-androgen that has been shown to treat androgenic alopecia. It is also being used for other conditions such as acne and hair loss in women. It is an experimental medication that is not yet approved by the FDA, so you should consult your doctor before using it.

This drug works differently than finasteride and dutasteride. It competes with DHT for binding to the androgen receptor in your hair follicles. This prevents DHT from entering the cell and blocking cellular growth. However, it does not lower DHT levels in the body. It is important to use this drug only on the scalp.

It is also important to store pyrilutamide correctly. Keep it away from heat and sunlight. This will degrade the active ingredient and cause it to lose its efficacy. It is also a good idea to keep it in a dark, cool place to avoid oxidation. Pre-made solutions of this drug can be stored in a refrigerator, while the raw powder should be kept in a freezer.


Pyrilutamide (KX-826) is a compound that works as an androgen receptor antagonist. It blocks androgens from binding to the receptor, which leads to hair growth. It is currently in the research phase, but it has shown promising results in studies on monkeys.

It has a similar effect to finasteride, but does not inhibit the synthesis of DHT. Rather, it prevents DHT from being able to bind to androgen receptors. This makes it an effective alternative to finasteride for those who want to avoid side effects like erectile dysfunction.

Pyrilutamide can be purchased as a pre-made solution or as raw powder. It is recommended that you store the solution in an airtight bottle and keep it in a cool environment. Pyrilutamide degrades in heat and sunlight, so it is important to store it correctly. It is also important to note that the penetrative power of pyrilutamide is reduced by sebum produced by the skin. Therefore, you should apply the solution after taking a shower to improve its effectiveness.


Buy RU58841 & pyrilutamide europe is very popular among hair loss sufferers and is widely used in combination with minoxidil. It is an anti-androgen that works by blocking the binding of DHT to androgen receptors. This compound is a more effective anti-androgen than finasteride, which reduces DHT production. It also has less systemic side effects.

Pyrilutamide (KX-826) is a promising new hair loss product that has a similar mechanism of action to finasteride and dutasteride. However, it has a much shorter half-life than finasteride and minoxidil. It is currently being tested by Kintor Pharmaceuticals.

We offer 3 grams of pyrilutamide powder for $45 ($11.6 per gram). You can mix this with any of the Minoxidil products we carry to make a RU58841/KX-826% combo solution. Our pyrilutamide is made with a high-quality raw material and is >99% pure. It comes with a calibrated dropper for easy dispensing. This is an excellent alternative to oral finasteride, which can cause serious side effects.


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