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Wondering how to start your thesis research by selecting a perfect geography thesis topic? Do not take stress, because it’s not as difficult as you think. We all have an idea about the geography as the physical appearance of Earth, but thesis writing in it demands thorough research, planning and understanding of the subject.

Want to know what you have to research and select a study topic in geography? Well, it’s about investigating various geographical concepts, theories, and environmental and human impacts. There are many topics you can choose from for your dissertation in the exciting discipline of geography.

“The study of geography is about more than just memorising places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world and appreciating the diversity of cultures that exist across continents.”

-Barak Obama

Due to the great diversity in this field, students mostly get confused and find it difficult to select a geography dissertation or thesis topic according to their interests and requirements. In that case, you can get the best thesis help from the experts of The Academic Papers UK.

Here, we will discuss a simple and easy guide that will help you choose a perfect research area in geography and some examples of geography thesis topics in detail.

How to Select an Ideal Research Topic in Geography?

Finding it difficult to select an ideal topic for your research, thesis or dissertation? All of your worries will end by reading this guide. Undoubtedly, thesis writing is a tough and challenging task, but this process begins with choosing the appropriate research topic. Take your time, investigate your passions, seek out mentors, and think about the influence you want to have.

Your thesis is an opportunity to add to the current discussion about our planet and its future rather than just being a coursework. How To Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines book explained the importance of selecting a good problem for study to write a geography dissertation.

Therefore, pick your geography thesis topic properly and welcome the adventure that lies ahead in the world of geography. Your search for the ideal research topic will influence not only your thesis but also how you perceive the world. Following are some crucial steps that you must take before selecting your topic:

1. Consider Your Personal Interests

Consider your individual passions and interests in geography. What subjects interest you? What matters most to you? A more interesting thesis can result from starting with your interests. And a boring and dull subject with no interest leads to failure.

2. Consult Your Advisors

Ask your thesis advisors or lecturers for advice. They may offer insightful information and help you in narrowing your research topic. You can also get geography thesis help from professional writers in this field.

3. Check the Availability of Resources

Assess the availability of the data, tools, and facilities needed for your research when considering resources. Make sure the resources you have access to and the topic you have chosen are compatible. Note down important points and make a mindmap of your research, which will help you to finalise your geography thesis topic.

4. Stay Up to Date

Geographical knowledge is dynamic and always changing. So, keep yourself updated about geography’s most recent advancements by reading scholarly journals, going to conferences, and following news in the industry.

5. Choose a Narrow Research Area

Do not go for a variety of broader topics, as they will confuse you. Having a focused research area is preferable to a broader one. An in-depth investigation is possible with a narrow topic.

6. Consider the Impact

You must get an idea of how your research can address current concerns and advance the study of geography. How will other people see your work?

Top 7 Geography Thesis Topics

One of the most important steps in your academic path is choosing the appropriate research topic for your geography thesis. Here are just a few of the many areas that geography covers:

  1. Physical Geography Thesis
  2. Human Geography Thesis
  3. Social Geography Thesis
  4. Cultural Geography Thesis
  5. Food Geography Thesis
  6. Environmental Challenges Geography Thesis
  7. Geospatial Technology Geography Thesis

Some of these thesis topics are explained here:

Physical Geography Thesis

It is the study of naturally found geographical structures that animals and plants exhibit. For example, mountains, sea, rivers, islands, etc. It covers all the alarming situations as well, like floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Ohio State News published a report on Sep 13, 2023, and according to that, a severe drought in the United States in 2012 caused a $34.2 billion loss in the economy, 123 deaths, and a decrease in corn crops by 26%.

Some of the geography thesis topics that you can select to write your geography thesis include:

  • Investigate how the effects of climate change are affecting the glaciers in a particular area.
  • Analyse the effects of rising sea levels on coastal erosion and the implications for communities.
  • Assess a region’s susceptibility to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • Studying solar radiation and its effects on technology and health.

Human Geography Thesis

This branch of geography deals with the study of the impact of human activities on Earth. Basically, it is the relationship of people with their environment. It can be social, political, cultural and economic related. Some top human geography thesis topics are the following:

  • Urbanisation and the Expansion of Larger Cities: In this title, you can check the difficulties and possibilities brought up by the growing urbanisation of larger cities.
  • Migration Patterns and Refugee Settlements: Look into the variables affecting migration patterns and discuss the difficulties that refugees have to face while resettling.
  • Cultural Landscapes: Consider how local cultural elements influence the physical landscape.
  • Effect of Humans on Environment: You can select the effect of humans on the atmosphere, sea, agriculture or more, like a study on the effect of human activities on ozone depletion.

In the book Conducting Research in Human Geography by Rob Kitchin, Nick Tate presented a model of the research cycle to select a human geography dissertation topic, such as:

Environmental Geography Thesis

It is a branch of geography in which we study the challenges of the earth, climate change, and the structuring of various physical things, like the atmosphere and marine environment and their relationship with one another. For example, study on pollution, ecology, landscape management, quality of water, etc.

Some of the most important environmental geography thesis topics that you can select are:

  • Conservation of Biodiversity: Assess the success of conservation initiatives in preserving biodiversity in a certain ecosystem.
  • Deforestation and Land Use Change: Research the causes and effects of deforestation and land use change to discuss how human activities changed the natural landscape in a particular region.
  • Water Resource Management: Examine the methods used in dry places to manage water resources sustainably.


Selecting an ideal geography thesis topic for your research and thesis writing is an important stage that shouldn’t be hurried. Spend some time investigating your concerns and interests, talking to professionals, and carefully checking the viability and importance of the topic you are selecting. A clearly chosen research topic creates the foundation for a fruitful thesis study and enables you to significantly impact the field of geography. So make a sensible decision and set out on your quest to become a geography researcher.

Most of the students get the best thesis help from The Academic Papers UK, so you can also benefit from their expert services to select a topic for your geography dissertation or thesis.


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