How Much Does ACL Reconstruction Cost in Dubai?


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Dubai has outstretched a modern medical infrastructure that offers world-class medical facilities and services. It is one of the leading medical tourist destinations where patients get an experience of a comfortable treatment journey. ACL reconstruction surgery is the hope for patients who are facing challenges related to knee movement and stability due to the injuries. 

ACL reconstruction cost in Dubai is a big relief for patients who are looking for better treatment under their affordable budget. Dubai has become a medical power in treating the orthopedics-related issues of patients. It has a pool of medical professionals and expert doctors that has relevant work experience and medical expertise. 

Is ACL Reconstruction a Useful Procedure to Cure Lingament-Related Injuries? 

The human knee has tiny ligaments that work together to provide us with movement support and stability. The main head of these tiny ligaments is called the “Anterior Cruciate Ligament”, which makes sure the knee movements run smoothly. Because of some injuries to the knee, these ACLs get injured, cause disrupted movement, and make the knee unstable. ACL reconstruction surgery helps in getting back the prior efficiency of stable knee movements. Orthopedics uses surgical interventions to replace the damaged ACL with a healthy option.

What are some common ACL Injuries, and What is their Impact? 

The most common ACL injuries happened while performing intensive physical activities. Individuals can affected by these injuries during some sports activities that involve sudden stops or quick changes in direction. Generally, the players of different sports, including football, basketball, and others, get injured with this. Forceful twisting motion is the main factor behind these types of injuries

The impact of these ACL injuries is painful physically as well as mentally. The daily life of the individual suffers because of these conditions. This can lead a person to suffer from permanent knee joint instability. This can disturb the daily tasks and routine movement and make the person’s life more challenging. ACL reconstruction is one of the best solutions by which individual can get back to their normal routine.

What is the ACL Reconstruction Cost In Dubai? 

Most of the time, during such a serious treatment, we also need to keep the cost of the treatment in mind. Likewise, knowing the ACL reconstruction cost In Dubai before treatment is also a major concern. But don’t worry! Dubai provides the best ACL reconstruction treatment at an affordable price. The treatment price in Dubai will cost you between USD 10100 and USD 13130. 

What Is the Procedure of ACL Reconstruction Surgery? 

The team of the best medical professionals and surgeons performed the surgical intervention to offer the stability and effectiveness of knee functions for their patients. At the beginning of the surgical process, small incisions take place. Surgeons removed the damaged ACL and left the space for further grafting.

The graft will work as a new ACL in the patient’s body. A graft is a tissue that is generally sourced from the donor or the patient’s own body. This graft tissue is placed into the knee joint through the tunnel created in the shin bone and femur. This graft is fixed into the knee with the help of some fixation devices. This procedure supports patients’ knee stability and allows them to move freely.

What is the Optimal Success Rate of the Procedure in Dubai? 

Dubai not only offers a wide range of medical facilities and services but also offers a high success rate to its patients. The success rate usually depends on various factors that affect it directly or indirectly. However, an individual can expect more than 90% of the optimal success rate after the surgery. Factors like hospital reputation, experience of the surgeon, patient’s age, and condition can be some challenging factors that can minimize the success rate. But with the help of an effective recovery process, it can be cured.

What Are the Best Hospitals in Dubai for ACL Surgery? 

Dubai has become the central hub for many leading hospitals keen to provide medical solutions to patients’ medical conditions. Here are some hospitals that are known for their best medical care and services – 

Zulekha Hospital 

  • Zulekha Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Dubai, known for its cutting-edge technology and advanced treatment options, established in the year 2004.
  • The hospital can support patients’ urgent medical needs. It is equipped with an emergency and labor ward and services and more than 30 specialized departments.
  • It has completed thousands of successful ACL surgeries and provided its patients a high treatment success rate.

Al Zahra Hospital 

  • Al Zahra Hospital is known for its optimal treatment results, quality treatment, and affordable medical treatments.
  • It has various medical accreditations, including the JCI and CAP. These reputed accreditations help in building trust with the hospital’s medical system and treatment standards.
  • The hospital has many talented medical professionals with years of expertise in the field. These professional offers personalized care to their patients.

Saudi German Hospital 

  • Saudi German Hospitals is counted as one of the largest private healthcare institutions and offers a one-stop solution for all types of medical complications.
  • It offers various medical services and specialized medical care in the fields of GI surgery, joint replacement surgery, cosmetic surgery, and many others.
  • It offers affordable treatment plans to both domestic and international patients. Also, help them find the right medical insurance to minimize financial burden.

Thumbay Hospital 

  • Thumbay Hospital is a part of Thumbay Group and was established in the year 2015. The hospital is accredited by the Ministry of Health UAE and JCI.
  • Patients get world-class facilities and medical services in the hospitals, which include more than 20 specialized medical departments, more than 150 beds, and many others.
  • The team of medical professionals craft a customized plan for their patients to give better health outcomes to them.

Dubai turns out to be a gift and hope for patients who are seeking effective solutions for their ACL reconstruction. It has well-reputed hospitals that are fully equipped with the latest medical technology and services. The hospital has an in-house team of medical professionals and is also connected with the top medical experts all around the world. These internal and external teams of medical professionals designed personalized medical solutions according to the patient’s demands and needs. Also, the ACL reconstruction cost in Dubai is the biggest force that attracts a large pool of patients worldwide.


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