Smart Strategies to Move Furniture Items with Packers and Movers in Raipur


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Are you worried about transporting your bulky furniture items to your new abode? If yes, then you can move them through the best packers and movers in Raipur or you can move them on your own. If you intend to move these furniture items on your own, you need to use the best tips to move them without any single scratch or damage. However, not all are familiar with these tips. If you too are thinking of transporting these furniture items to your destination all alone, the following tips will be a great help to you during your furniture transportation process:-

Create A checklist

The first thing before moving your furniture items is to prepare a checklist. This will be a handy list as you will be carrying it throughout your move. While preparing this checklist, you need to add all furniture items of your house. You will only take approx half an hour to prepare it, but it will be highly useful for you during your entire moving process. This list will comprise each furniture item that you are likely to move to your destination. 

De-clutter Old Furniture Items

Once you prepare a checklist for your upcoming move it’s time to de-clutter your furniture items. Well, you need to go into each room of your house to find any furniture item that is not suitable to move. If you find any broken furniture or old furniture, avoid taking it to your new house. You can de-clutter the furniture on several parameters such as its condition, its usability in your home, etc. 

Repair the Broken Furniture

If you have broken furniture and you want to move that to your new home, you should get it repaired before the move. Well, your furniture can be damaged during the move due to the bumpy roads. So, you need to repair it as soon as possible if you have less time left for your move. 

Take Photos of your Furniture Items

Make sure to take photos of your furniture items before the transportation process. This will let you know about the condition of these items before the moving process. You should also take their snaps after moving them to your destination. This will help you know about any damage to these goods during the overall transportation process. Once you are aware of these damages, you can contact your packers and movers in Raipur to get a befitting compensation for these damages. 

Disassemble Your Furniture

Disassembling your furniture is one of the most essential things to move these items safely and effortlessly. When you disassemble them, you can easily lift these items and load them easily in your moving truck. You should spare enough time to disassemble your furniture items as it will take some time to remove the parts of an item. However, you should remove the nuts, bolts, and fasteners and pack them in a plastic bag carefully. Make sure to label the bag as that will help you in finding the nuts and fasteners you need after the move. 

Load Your Furniture Items Carefully 

Make sure to load your furniture carefully in the moving truck. First, you must load the heaviest items at the back of the truck. Once you are done with loading these items, you can go ahead to ship the lightweight furniture items at the front of your moving truck. If you position these items carefully in the truck, you won’t have any problem moving them to your new home. 

Use Quality Moving Materials for Your Furniture

If you want to relocate your furniture items to your destination without any damage, then you should use the best moving supplies to transport them to your new house.  A few moving supplies that you can use while transporting your furniture items safely include furniture sliders, moving blankets, bubble wrap, furniture pads, plastic wrap, hand trucks, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. 

Avoid Moving Heavy Furniture on Your Own

Some people move their heavy furniture all alone. However, it is extremely dangerous to you as you might get injured due to this. So, you should avoid moving your furniture items if you don’t have the required manpower for this purpose. 

Get Help 

Well, some furniture items are too bulky to move. So, you need at least 4 or 5 people to lift and load them. Hence, getting help from your friends and acquaintances is the need of the hour. For the best results, you can assign a specific task to a person. This will help in making your furniture transportation process quicker and safer for you. 

Use the Right Lifting Techniques

It is quite dangerous to lift your furniture items without the right moving techniques. So, it is best to learn about a few good lifting techniques before you actually start your move. You can search the internet to get information about these techniques. If you use these techniques, lifting and loading these items will be much easier for you. You can also watch several videos on YouTube to know about the best lifting techniques for your move.

Choose the Right Boxes

You can choose strong boxes to keep your furniture items in them. Make sure to opt for heavy-duty boxes to pack these items. This will protect your furniture items during the move. Hence, you will get these items delivered to your location undamaged. 

Clear Any Obstruction

Make sure to remove all kinds of obstacles that are not good for your move. Just remove the rugs, clutter, or any small objects that obstruct your move. Apart from that, you should also remove the loose cables or cords that delay your move. This will help you move these articles to your desired destination without any kind of injury. 

Hire Packers and Movers

Another best tip to shift your furniture items effortlessly is to entrust this work to the best movers. You can search the internet and find IBA-approved packers and movers in Raipur for your move. They will analyze your requirements and move your furniture items to your new abode without any damage.


Of course, moving your furniture items is highly challenging for you. But this task will become pretty easy if you use the best strategies that are mentioned above. You can also book the best packers and movers in Raipur if you are having trouble relocating your furniture items securely from one place to another.


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