Top Features of Skype Spy Apps for Android


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You’re concerned about what your child or employee is up to on Skype and want to monitor their activity without their knowledge. A Skype spy app for Android can help put your mind at ease by allowing you to view call logs, messages, shared files, and more in secret. As a caring parent or vigilant employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the well-being and productivity of those under your guidance.

Why You Might Want to Spy on Skype for Android

There are several reasons you may want to monitor Skype activity on an Android device:

For security purposes. 

Spying on Skype for Android can help detect suspicious activity or communication that could put the device or its user at risk. You can check for messages or files from unknown contacts, unusually frequent calls at strange hours, or other red flags.

To view deleted content. 

Android Skype spy app allows you to view messages, files, call logs, and other content even after it has been deleted from the Skype app. This can uncover activity the user wanted to hide.

For accountability. 

Monitoring Skype communication provides transparency and accountability. Employees, children, and anyone else using the device will be aware their Skype activity and communication can be reviewed at any time. This can encourage more responsible and productive use.

In summary, there are several useful reasons to consider spying on the Skype app for Android, whether for security, accountability, or ensuring proper use of the communication platform. The right Skype monitoring solution can provide the visibility and insights you need.

Top Features of Skype Spy Apps for Android

To determine if a Skype spy app is right for you, consider its most useful features:

Stealth Mode

The best Skype spy apps run in stealth mode, meaning the user is unaware of the app’s presence or activity. Look for an app that can monitor Skype secretly by hiding its icon and running in the background.

Message Monitoring

A Skype spy app should log all Skype messages, including text, audio, and video. It should capture messages even if they are deleted from the device. The app should allow you to view message contents, timestamps, and contact names.

Call Recording

Select an app that can record incoming and outgoing Skype voice and video calls in their entirety. It should log the call duration, timestamp, and contact names for all recorded calls.

Location Tracking

Some Skype spy apps offer location tracking via GPS to show where the device is at any given time. If location tracking is important, choose an app with this capability.


Look for a Skype spy app that takes periodic screenshots, especially during Skype calls and messaging. This provides visual evidence to accompany the textual logs and call recordings.

With the right spy app, you can monitor Skype activity thoroughly while remaining undetected. Carefully evaluate the available options to find one with the functionality and effectiveness that suits your needs.

Top 3 Skype Monitoring Apps for Android

Once you’ve decided to monitor someone’s Skype activity on their Android device, you’ll need to choose a spy app that suits your needs. Here are the top 3 Skype monitoring apps for Android:


mSpy is a popular Skype tracker that logs Skype messages, calls, and media. It runs in stealth mode, so the user won’t know they’re being monitored. mSpy provides Skype logs that are easy to read and filter. However, mSpy is on the pricey side, starting at $29.99/month.


FlexiSPY is a full-featured Android Skype tracker that records Skype chats, calls, videos, and file transfers. It captures deleted Skype activity and works in secret mode. FlexiSPY does cost more than other options, though, with plans from $68/month.


OgyMogy is an affordable Skype and SMS tracker for Android. It logs Skype texts, calls, and media while running undetected.

In summary, mSpy, OgyMogy, and FlexiSPY app offer robust Skype monitoring with advanced features but at a higher cost. Cocospy provides essential Skype tracking on a budget. The right choice depends on your needs and how much you’re willing to spend. With any app, be sure to check their refund policy in case you’re not fully satisfied.


In the end, choosing a Skype spy app for Android depends on your needs and budget. There are free options with basic features as well as paid solutions with advanced monitoring capabilities. Whatever you decide, make sure you fully understand the legal requirements for using such software.


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