Wings of Bhutan: Ranking the best airlines in bhutan for Your Journey


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The Kingdom of Bhutan is beautiful with a vibrant culture and energizing spirituality. It is located in the Himalayas. Whether this is your first time traveling overseas or not, the trip to Bhutan is an adventure unlike any other. When choosing the best airlines in Bhutan for your vacation, making the appropriate choice will significantly enhance your experience.

This article provides a closer look at the airlines connecting you to the Land of the Thunder Dragon. We’ll grade them on elements like security, ease, service, and overall experience. So let’s have a look at the aircraft that will get you there, whether you’re thinking of taking a trip to one of Bhutan’s respected temples, going on an adventurous trek across its pristine countryside, or just going there for a quiet retreat.

Best Airlines In Bhutan For Your Journey

1. Drukair – Bhutan’s Flag Carrier

As the national carrier of Bhutan, Drukair is synonymous with flying to the Land of the Thunder Dragon. It’s the primary choice for most travelers due to its exclusive rights to operate flights to Paro, Bhutan’s only international airport.

Safety: Drukair boasts an impeccable safety record, which is paramount when flying into the challenging terrain of Bhutan. The airline adheres to international safety standards, and its pilots are well-trained to navigate the mountainous landscape.

Service: Drukair is known for its warm and friendly Bhutanese hospitality. From the moment you step on board, you’re greeted with a genuine smile and a level of service that reflects the country’s Gross National Happiness philosophy.

Comfort: While the aircraft may not be the latest model, Drukair ensures a comfortable journey. The relatively small size of the aircraft allows for personalized service, and the views of the Himalayas through the windows are nothing short of spectacular.

Overall Experience: Traveling with Druk Air is not just a flight but part of your Bhutanese adventure. The airline often plays Bhutanese music during the flight, providing an immersive cultural experience. You’ll also receive a certificate to commemorate your crossing of the Himalayas, adding a touch of uniqueness to your journey.

2. Bhutan Airlines – The Private Competitor

Bhutan Airlines, also known as Tashi Air, is the younger sibling of Drukair and best airlines in bhutan. It’s a private airline that has been operating since 2011 and offers an alternative to Drukair for travelers to Bhutan.

Safety: Bhutan Airlines has a great track record of safety, giving customers peace of mind while they fly through Bhutan’s difficult airspace.

Service: The airline strives to offer excellent service, with friendly people on hand to help you at any time during your flight. The service is nonetheless commendable, even though it may not be as personalized as Drukair.

Comfort: Bhutan Airlines operates modern Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, offering a comfortable flying experience. The cabins are well-maintained, and you can expect a smooth ride to Paro.

Overall Experience: Bhutan Airlines is an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient alternative to Drukair. While it may not have the same cultural immersion as the national carrier, it offers a reliable and comfortable journey to Bhutan. 

3. Other International Airlines – Indirect Routes

If you’re an adventurer at heart and prefer unconventional routes, you can reach Bhutan via other international airlines. These routes usually involve multiple layovers and require additional domestic flights or overland travel from neighboring countries like India.

Safety: Safety standards on international airlines are typically on par with global aviation norms. However, the complexity of multiple connections and transportation modes may increase the likelihood of unforeseen issues.

Service: Service on international airlines varies widely, ranging from luxurious to basic, depending on the carrier and class of travel you choose.

Comfort: The level of comfort also varies, with factors like aircraft type, seat class, and airline reputation influencing your experience.

Overall Experience: Opting for international airlines to reach Bhutan allows for a broader range of choices but often comes at the cost of convenience and a longer travel duration. However, for those seeking unique adventures, this route can offer a diverse journey to complement your Bhutanese experience.

Choosing the Wings for Your Bhutan Adventure

In the end, the choice of airline for your Bhutan journey depends on your preferences, priorities, and travel style. Here are some key considerations to help you decide:

  1. Direct vs. Indirect Routes: If you value convenience and a shorter travel time, Drukair or Bhutan Airlines are the primary options. However, if you enjoy multi-stop adventures and have more time to spare, exploring indirect routes can be intriguing.
  2. Safety: Safety is paramount, particularly when flying into Bhutan’s challenging airspace. Both Drukair and Bhutan Airlines have strong safety records, giving you peace of mind.
  3. Service and Comfort: Drukair offers a more immersive Bhutanese experience, while Bhutan Airlines provides a comfortable journey with modern aircraft. International airlines offer a broader range of services and comfort levels but may not offer the same cultural immersion.
  4. Budget: Consider your budget when choosing an airline. Direct flights to Bhutan are often more expensive, while indirect routes may offer cost savings at the expense of convenience. Moreover, if you book Bhutan flight early, it offers you a cheaper deal for traveling.
  1. Travel Style: Your travel style and preferences play a significant role. Do you seek cultural immersion, or are you more focused on the destination itself?


Whether you choose to go with Bhutan Airlines, the national carrier, or take a special journey with a foreign airline, Bhutan’s riches await you. So what are you waiting for, just book Bhutan flight without delay. Once you get off the plane and onto Bhutanese land, you’ll realize that the actual experience has just begun. Bhutan, with its breathtaking landscape and intriguing culture, ensures you’ll have an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember long after your journey is finished. Choose your wings wisely, then observe Bhutan’s splendor unfold in front of you.


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